Understanding the Stakes

The Importance of the Article 2 Revision and the 2024 UUA General Assembly

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Subject: Come let your voice be heard

Please join in on May 15th, at 1:00 pm in the Art Gallery for a forum/discussion that will be held to provide information about the 2024 UUA General Assembly (GA). The Unitarian Universalist Association is the organization that “governs” all UU congregations. We will discuss the revised Article 2 of the national Bylaws that is to be voted upon at GA 2024 (June 20 – 23). This is an important issue for all UU’s to be aware of and to study the issue before we make a decision about how BUU delegates will vote on Article 2 changes. Article 2 is the portion of the bylaws that “outlines” UU beliefs and where the 7 Principles & Purposes are stated.

BUU is allowed to send two delegates to represent our congregation at GA. These delegates will get to vote yes or no on acceptance of the revised Article 2. In a very simplified nutshell the overall change will include language where the current 7 Principles & Purposes will be eliminated & replaced with a set of Values that express UU beliefs.

At the May 15th forum a caucus will be held and BUU attendees will vote yes/no on whether BUU “accepts” the Article 2 Revision. That vote will instruct the chosen delegates which way to vote at GA. We will also be voting on who our delegates will be.

It is important to read up and have an idea about the issue before you attend the forum/caucus. You may have picked up several articles that have been available at the entrance of BUU. Both articles give an abbreviated understanding of this issue. The websites UUA.Org and UUtheconversation.org help explain the Article 2 Revision. There is a video library on UU the conversation that includes a teach-in with several short videos to help explain these changes.

Please plan to review some of the information on these sites so you can make an informed vote. We hope to see you in our Art Gallery on May 15th at 1:00pm to make these very important decisions.