Borderlands Unitarian Universalist Forum
Sunday, February 11, 2024
9:00 – 9:45

What’s Really Happening at the US/Mexican Border?
Presented by Alyson Ball

The US southern border has featured prominently in our national news throughout 2023 and will no doubt play a significant role in the upcoming elections. If you are confused about what’s really happening at the US/Mexican border, please join us for this fact-based discussion. You’ll hear who is coming to our southern border and why, what US immigration laws apply to people at the border, and how recent policy decisions have affected border trends and situations.

Alyson Ball Bio

Alyson Ball earned an MBA from The Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania and a B.A. from Cornell University. After a career in Corporate Marketing and International Strategy, she worked as a Microfinance troubleshooter in Africa and central Asia. When she moved to Charlottesville, Virginia in 2003, Alyson consulted with and taught nonprofit boards and their Executive Directors. Alyson now serves on the Community Development Committee of the IRC that resettles refugees in Central Virginia. For the last seven years, Alyson has spent winters in Southern Arizona and has studied U.S. immigration and the border so that she can inform the general public about immigration and the US/MX border with fact-based presentations and discussions.

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