Borderlands Unitarian Universalist

Amado, Arizona


YOU MAKE IT ALL POSSIBLE… Borderlands Unitarian Universalists is a member and friend-funded congregation. Together we give. Your generous giving is essential to support liberal religion in the borderlands of southern Arizona. When you give from a place of gratitude, you live your values and change lives. You can support BUU in several ways: • Make a donation at any time. • Make a commitment to the pledge drive. • 50/50 Share the Plate supports social action causes we sponsor each month. • Minister’s discretionary fund. • Endowment fund. Donate to Borderlands UU Donations to Borderlands UU directly support our day-to-day church operations. By donating, you are helping ensure we can continue to function in alignment with Unitarian Universalist values and continue to serve our community for years to come. Make a Pledge Commitment or Payment This work of building a welcoming and affirming community requires all of us: our time, our passions, and our resources. Every annual pledge by a member or friend plays an important role in our ability to fulfill our mission. Please consider setting up a recurring donation. Share The Plate During most weekly offering, we Share The Plate 50/50 with a community partner who is making a difference in our local community. Some of the community organizations we’ve shared the plate with recently, include the St. Andrew’s Children’s Clinic, Casa Alitas, Helping Hearts Arivaca, Green Vally Food & Amado Food Banks, Hunger Walk, Arivaca Early Learning Program, Sopori Elementary, Valley Assistance, Amado Youth Center, and Green Valley Samaritans. Ministerial Discretionary Fund Everyone needs help sometimes. The Ministerial Discretionary Fund allows the ministers to help out members of our community when they’re in a tough spot or support un-budgeted needs within the church or organizations doing work that aligns with our values. Whether it’s helping pay a medical bill, moving assistance, or something else, the Ministerial Discretion Fund ensures we can help even when other community resources or services don’t already exist or can’t provide what’s needed. Endowment Fund Helps maintain the long-term security of the congregation. Our endowment is carefully managed and invested, in line with our values.